Giving Your Kitchen a Fresh Look with New Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms in Wellington are often the most overlooked areas in the home when you are remodeling because they are often the areas that are used on a daily basis. However kitchens and bathrooms tend to age and wear down faster than any of the other rooms in the house, so when you have the time and the resources, freshen up the look of your home with new kitchen and bathroom ideas. 

How to Choose Your New Kitchen and Bathroom

Function should be the primary consideration when you remodel your kitchen and bathroom but this does not mean that you must live with drab and boring spaces in order for you to have cooking and bathing areas that are functional. There are so many stylish and functional options out there. Here are the top considerations when choosing your kitchen and bathroom remodeling options.

Space and Size

Make sure that you have plenty of room to move around and the appliances and furniture are laid out to encourage free, unobstructed flow of movement around the room. A kitchen island will add to your efficiency and work as a great focal point to your kitchen especially if you have an open floor plan where there is no barrier separating the kitchen area from the living room. A kitchen island can also serve as a great storage space if you opt for cabinets under the counter. You can have another working area by adding a sink to the counter top and hang pots and pans overhead for easy reach. If your space is limited in size, opt for double duty furniture and consider the scale so that tables, chairs or cabinets will not look out of place. 


Good lighting is essential for a functional working space, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can opt for multiple recessed lighting fixtures for functional lighting and one main lighting fixture that can also serve as a decorative piece in the kitchen. You can opt for both functional and decorative lighting in the bathroom if you want to set the mood yet still want the space to be functional for guests.


Theme refers to the overall visual aesthetic that you want to go for, whether you want a country cottage style kitchen or one that is masculine, minimalist and modern with steel appliances and slate gray counter tops. It is best to look at the present aesthetic in the rest of the house, determine if this is the look you want and carry it on over to the kitchen and bathroom spaces for some visual continuity.

Get Help with Your Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

Looking at catalogues and actual showrooms to see how furniture and appliances are laid out can serve as inspiration if you are feeling stumped about what appliances to choose and what decor to use. If you are looking for a kitchen showroom Wellington City is home to many home depots and stores with elegant and stylish kitchen and bathroom showrooms that can help inspire you. If you are one of the homeowners who are planning on creating new kitchens in Wellington has no shortage of expert kitchen and bathroom design experts who can help you create the perfect kitchen or bathroom that matches your style and provides the function you need.